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Exceptional Workshops for Exceptional Workplaces

"Caught in the Middle"
The Sandwich Generation (2 hours) Because middle aged people could have children and even grandchildren who require attention, as well as parents who require personal assistance, caught in the middle as they are, they have been called the Sandwich Generation. The workshop explores who they are, where we are going and where are you?

"Beyond Surviving to Thriving"
Couple Relationships (3 hours) An interactive, strength-based workshop for couples who have a healthy relationship and want to make it even better through abetter understanding of themselves and their partners.

"Yours, Mine and Ours"
The Blended Family (2 hours) The Blended Family, often called the stepfamily, has an adult couple with at least one of the adults having a child from a previous relationship. The workshop examines the many variations of the blended family and the challenges they face.

"Women, Men & Communication"
Gender Issues in Communication (2/3 hours) The Workshop looks at the different ways women and men think, behave and communicate in their interactions with each other and how our societal expectations influence both genders.

"Boomers, Xs, Ys and More"
Generational Diversity ( 2 hours) In this day and age there can be many different Generations working in the same organization and each generation has its own unique characteristics and challenges.

"Surviving Adolescence"
Parenting Teenagers (2 hours) The workshop seeks to help parents understand the teenager within the Family Life Cycle as a normal, but challenging period and the factors that influence a healthy transition from childhood to adulthood.

Team Building the TRUE COLORS Way.
(1 day) From Hippocrates to Myers-Briggs, throughout time we have sought to understand people and their personalities. In 1978 TRUE COLORS was created based on the work of Dr. David Keirsey using the metaphor of four colors. From self-discovery to getting along with others, the workshop goals are to enhance communication, reduce conflicts and increase understanding of others.

Workshop Overview (pdf)